Travel Scholarship Award

The Travel scholarship promotes graduate and undergraduate academic development by funding student conference travel. Participants will be provided the opportunity to promote their work at a research conference. By applying for collaborative travel scholarship, students are funded along with a faculty mentor or peer scholar.


 • Applicant must have an original research project or poster. 

 • Applicant must have a strong desire to promote academic development.

 • Applicant must be a CSUDH grad or undergrad in good academic standing

 • Faculty or Peer scholar must be affiliated with CSUDH.

• Applicant must provide confirmation of accepted proposal and invitation to present. 

• Applicant’s request for funding must be submitted four to six weeks prior to conference. Travel Applications take up to four to six weeks to process  

The CSUDH Student or faculty can apply for individual travel scholarship by submitting the Individual Travel Scholarship form

The CSUDH faculty and student(s) can submit a collaborative application for the award on Collaborative Travel Scholarship form.