Graduate Pathways

The Graduate Pathways program prepares students to apply for graduate or post-graduate programs while also enhancing the skills they will need once accepted. Students will be taken through the process of researching schools, writing personal statements, asking for letters of recommendations, updating resumes (CV’s) and obtaining funding.

The CSUDH Graduate Pathways Program is a 6 Week Intensive Program that:

·         prepares students to research potential graduate schools

·         create admissions essays

·         develop professional documents that are needed for graduate school applications


The program combines strong academic critical readings and writings with experiential, free writing exercises that bolster the students’ abilities to express themselves in an academic environment.


The program exposes students to all areas of the graduate school entrance requirement process while strengthening all of the skills students need to compete favorably at the start of their graduate education, and the persist through to matriculation.


Student Learning Outcomes:


·         Students will become aware of, and become conversant in the differences between undergraduate education expectations and graduate level expectations, environments, and certifications.

·         Students will identify disciplinary fields and specific graduate school programs that are in alignment with the student’s character, career focus, and professional goals.

·         Students will engage in the process of developing graduate admissions and funding essays, and exhibit improvement in drafts and revisions.

·         Students will become immersed in the rigors of academic research and investigation specifically for the graduate application process, but generally for their specific programs of study by utilizing the CSUDH Library research databases.

·         Students will become knowledgeable of the importance of, become familiar with, and practice quality control of professional development documents, such as cover letters, email templates for requests for information, curriculum vitaes and resumes for their application packets.

·         Students will finish with a complete graduate application portfolio with materials for at least six potential university programs.


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