Graduate Pathways

The PEGS Graduate Pathways Program prepares students to research potential graduate school programs, create admission essays, and develop professional documents required for the graduate school application process.  The 4 week program exposes students to all areas of the graduate application and admissions process, while at the same time strengthening all necessary skills needed for success, as they matriculate into graduate education programs. 

Specifically, we will provide assistance with the following tasks: 

1) Selecting prospective programs and recognizing documents required for application

·            -Note: Pathways will not focus on GRE prep, since not all graduate programs require GRE and Pathways is a very short program

2) Writing admission essays

3) Learning how to contact & follow up with potential recommendation letter writers

4) Creating or updating a resume & CV (curriculum vitea) for applications

5) We will also offer a packet on funding opportunities at the very end of the Pathways, since applicants need to be admitted first before securing any kind of financial assistance.



Grad pathways pic 2

Grad pathways pic 3