As Director and Principal Investigator of the institutional grant establishing CSUDH’s first-ever graduate writing center, it is my pleasure to introduce you to PEGS’ Graduate Writing Institute for Excellence (GWIE).

PEGS’ GWIE’s goal is to promote and expand the campus research community by cultivating students’ graduate-level reading, writing, and research skills. Our administrative staff and Graduate Writing Consultants collaborate with a diverse collection of faculty, staff, campus stakeholders, and community partners to meet this shared vision and offer a variety of academic enrichment services for our students.

As a writing center, PEGS’ GWIE strives to promote and advance students’ academic research writing by offering one-on-one tutoring and weekly writing workshops throughout the academic year. Additionally, our office is always open for students seeking thesis or capstone support. Our academic enrichment programs, such as Student Research Day Boot Camp, Summer Graduate Pathways, and the Research Assistants Program are open to all students and designed to help develop students into strong candidates for advanced academic degrees or professional certifications.

On behalf of my ever supportive staff and colleagues at PEGS’ GWIE, I am honored to invite you to join us in this shared vision of success. We hope that you will visit our offices and utilize our services so that we may assist you as you follow your academic and professional pursuits.


Dr. Leena Furtado, PhD

Director and PI of PEGS’ GWIE