PEGS’ GWIE Workshops

PEGS’ GWIE provides a variety of workshops aimed at assisting graduate students in improving their critical thinking skills, strengthening their research and writing skills, enhancing their intellectual development, promoting graduate-level scholarship, and strengthening graduate students’ ties to the academic community.

In-Class Workshops

CSUDH faculty may request in-class workshops hosted by our Graduate Writing Consultants to supplement course instruction. PEGS' Faculty Request Coordinator will communicate directly with the faculty member to schedule and develop a course-specific presentation for each class.

To accommodate your needs for a successful workshop presentation, one that is customized to meet the specific needs of your students, we require 20 working days/4 weeks lead-time in order to adequately prepare ourselves to present.


To request a workshop, please fill the form at, 

In-House Workshops

PEGS’ GWIE presents collaborative and interactive workshops on a variety of academic topics. All workshops include activities and exercises designed to provide students multiple opportunities to acquire, develop, and enhance the skills and corresponding skill-sets associated with graduate-level reading, writing, and research. A list of this semester's upcoming workshops can be found below.

Some of our In-house workshops include:

  • APA/MLA: Citations & References
  • Timed Essays
  • Personal Statement
  • Writing Abstracts
  • SRD Mock Presentations & Feedback


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Online Workshops

PEGS-GWIE provides distance learning opportunities for students via online learning modules. This self-paced PowerPoint series offers guided practice through each stage of the research writing process. Please click on the corresponding workshop link to view its content.

Some of our online workshops include

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